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Give Joy, Get Joy!

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How To Be a Joy Maker

Anyone can be a Joy Maker! Whether it’s assembling Joy Maker bags or donating financially, we are grateful for your support in helping to spread joy!

Icon of teal hands holding a pink heart.
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Spread Joy

Build Relationships

Unlock Potential

Creating opportunities to feel an abundance of joy.

Cultivating a compassionate community through awareness, empathy and holding space for the diverse human experience.

For the Joy Maker Bag receiver: 
Feeling a moment of joy, peace and relief even in the midst of their current circumstance. 

For the Joy Maker: 
Feeling inspired, hopeful and motivated to continue giving back in their community.

Joyful Giving is an organization that values transparency, genuine connection, and respect for an individual’s personal journey. We are inspired by the willingness of others to support, feel compassion and help brighten the human spirit.


Be A Joy Maker!

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