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Gift bags containing body lotion, pretzels, and Chewy granola bars.

Our Purpose

There is a shared purpose for both the recipient and assembler of Joy Maker bags: Give Joy, Get Joy.

For the receiver:
Feel seen, hopeful and have a sense of peace knowing they are loved. Feel a moment of relief from their current circumstance.

For the assembler:
Feel peace, inspired, and motivated to continue giving back to our community.

Building community relationships through the shared passion of helping others. 

We have donated Joy Maker bags to…

Crime Victims Council of Lehigh Valley logo on a teal box.
Valley Health Partners logo on a teal box.
The Kindness Project logo on a teal box.
Valley Youth House logo on a teal box.
Self Reentry logo on a teal box.
Allentown Rescue Mission logo on a teal box.
The Lehigh Conference of Churches logo on a teal box.
Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center logo on a teal box.
Sixth Street Shelter logo on a teal box.

and many more!


“I opened mine and started using things right away. It just made my day!” 
– CVC client, Joy Maker Bag recipient

Contact Us

Have a question? Want to volunteer and spread joy in your community? We are happy to answer any questions!

Gift bags containing Crayola Pop-Out Packs, smiley face balls, and candy.
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