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Joyful Giving Logo

Joyfuls gift boxes ship nationwide and are individually curated for the recipient. The products inside a Joyfuls gift box are intentionally chosen from small businesses with a focus on women, BIPOC and LGBTQ+ owners. 25% of all Joyfuls sales go directly to Joyful Giving.

Hannah Votta Coleman created Joyfuls, a gift box business in 2017 that was inspired by the original Joy Maker, her daughter Charlotte Joy. A year later an idea sparked about developing a non-profit branch out of Joyfuls because she believes everyone deserves a gift! She held this idea close while building Joyfuls and trusted she would know when it was time to start Joyful Giving. Joyful Giving launched in 2022 and continues to spread joy, build relationships and unlock potential throughout the community!


About Joy Maker, the Artwork

The images below are the sweet hands of the original Joy Maker, Charlotte Joy! Kelly, the artist behind Kelly Stape Studio is a portrait artist that specializes in pastel, colored pencil and charcoal.

Fun Fact: Kelly came up with the business name Joyfuls!

Joy Maker artwork
Photo reference for Joy Maker artwork of heart shaped hands on sand.
Kelly Stape Studio logo

Instagram @kellystapestudio 


Be A Joy Maker!

Joyful Giving is funded by generous donations as well as 25% of Joyfuls sales!

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