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Board of Directors

Meet Our Joy Makers

The Joyful Giving Board of Directors is a team of innovative, authentic and passionate women that have their pulse on the needs of our community. They individually offer unique experiences both personally and professionally while collectively sharing the vision for a thriving community. 

Cluster of 3 teal hearts.

Hannah Votta Coleman, President
Jessica Escobar-Eck, Vice President
Joanne Marchetto, Treasurer
Maricel Colvin, Secretary
Kelly Durie
Debra Goodwin
Jill Dunn Jones

Joyful Giving team photo.
Cluster of 3 teal hearts.

Mission, Vision, & Purpose

Joyful Giving is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that packages essential items that look and feel like gifts with the intention of creating joy.

Our vision is to spread joy by building relationships and raising vibrations to unlock the power, potential and endless possibilities of our community. 

There is a shared purpose for both the recipient and assembler of Joy Maker bags: Give Joy, Get Joy.

Give Joy Get Joy Heart Logo

Be A Joy Maker!

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